GEL Battery KAGE 12N7-3B / 12N9-3B / YB9L-A2 / YB9L-B 8AH

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GEL Battery KAGE 12N7-3B / 12N9-3B / YB9L-A2 / YB9L-B 8AH


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KAGE GEL heavy-duty battery MF12V7L-4A 8 AH,

is brand new and boxed.

GEL battery KAGE MF12V7L-4A
The Kage name MF12V7L-A4 meets the manufacturer's names
12N7-3B / 12N9-3B / YB9L-A2 / YB9L-B

With a KAGE GEL motorcycle battery, we offer a high quality product.

KAGE GEL heavy-duty battery MF12V7L-4A 8 AH is brand new and boxed. With a KAGE motorcycle battery we offer a high-quality Qualitätsprodukt.Ob as gel or acid battery fulfill our batteries highest requirements and provide price and performance, the alternative to the expensive original part represents. Are KAGE powersports batteries according to the latest state of the art of one of the leading battery -producers produced and subject to stringent quality controls during manufacturing. Benefits of a gel battery against acid or maintenance-free batteries - gel batteries can be installed lying in the vehicle - our batteries are filled, sealed and closed - longer service life and significantly reduced self-discharge rate (barely deep discharge possible) - Super starting power, even in cold weather and Moisture - not filling the battery with acid

- AGM gel technique
- Maintenance-free and leak-proof
- Pre-charged - ready to use

Specifications of Kage GEL battery 12N7-3B / 12N9-3B / YB9L-A2 / YB9L-B:
AGM maintenance-free gel battery MF12V7L-4A by the manufacturer KAGE
Voltage: 12 Volt / 8 Amp / H
Design: Maintenance-free, filled, sealed and loaded! ready to install!
Capacity: 8 AH
CCA: CCA 95 / CCA / -18 degrees
Dimensions in mm: high 137 mm wide x 76 mm deep x 123 mm
Weight ready for use with acid: 2.85 kg
Positive Pole: Right Front
Negative: Left Front
Manufacturer: KAGE

Identical to the name of other battery manufacturers:
Yuasa Manufacturer No: 12N7-3B / 12N9-3B / YB9L-A2 / YB9L-B
JMT Manufacturer No: 12N7-3B / 12N9-3B / YB9L-A2 / YB9L-B
Shin Yo-MPN: 12N7-3B / 12N9-3B / CB9L-A2 / CB9L-B
Intact Manufacturer No: 12N7-3B / 12N9-3B / CB9L-A2 / CB9L-B
Varta Manufacturer No: 50916/50915
GS Manufacturer No: 12N7-3B / 12N9-3B / YB9L-A2 / YB9L-B
FB Manufacturer No: 12N7-3B / 12N9-3B / YB9L-A2 / YB9L-B
Fiamm Manufacturer No: 6B3PS / 6H2PS

Classification: Batteries
Shipping weight: 3,06 Kg
Product weight: 2,96 Kg
Dimensions: 7,60 × 13,70 × 12,30 cm

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