GEL Battery KAGE Green YB3L-A YB3L-B

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GEL Battery Green Kage YB3L-A / YB3L-B

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GEL Battery Green Kage YB3L-A / YB3L-B

... makes quality visible.

Thanks to the transparent housing of the new KAGE Green GEL motorcycle batteries, you can recognize the structure of the cells and the filling with high-quality nano-gel silicate.
The glass fiber nonwoven is also clearly visible between the lead plates, which reduces the internal resistance and allows higher starting currents.

Technical data of the Green GEL battery Kage YB3L-A / YB3L-B:
  • Closed leak-proof housing
  • Avoiding acid coating by demixing
  • Working range from -40 ° C to + 50 ° C
  • Longer life due to optimized oxygen circulation
  • Reduced internal resistance due to non-woven insert, increases the starting performance
  • Higher life and significantly reduced self-discharge rate
  • Super starting power, even in cold and humidity
  • No filling of the battery with acid
  • Gel batteries can also be installed in the vehicle in a horizontal position
  • 12 volts / 3 amperes
  • Maintenance-free gel battery KAGE filled and charged, leak-proof
  • Power: 12 Volt
  • Capacity: 3 AH
  • Dimensions in mm :: 98mm wide x 56mm deep x 110mm high
  • Charge current: 0.39 Amp.
  • Weight including acid: 1.3 kg
  • Cold test current: 50 CCA / CCA value / -18 degrees
  • Connector type: from the front
  • Positive pole: front right
  • Negative pole: front left
  • 30% more power

Same as other battery manufacturers:

  • Yuasa Manufacturer number: YB3L-A / YB3L-B
  • JM Manufacturer number YB3L-A / YB3L-B
  • JMT Manufacturer number YB3L-A / YB3L-B
  • Varta Manufacturer number 50312 50313
  • FB Manufacturer number: FB3L-B FB3L-A
  • GS Manufacturer number GM-3-3A GM3-3B
  • Exide Manufacturer number: EB3L-A EB3L-B
  • Intact Manufacturer number YB3L-A / B-YB3L
  • Nitro Manufacturer number: CB3L-A CB3L-A
  • Shin Yo Manufacturer number: CB3L-B CB3L-A
  • Panther Manufacturer number: CB3L-B CB3L-A

Shipping weight: 1,56 Kg
Product weight: 1,36 Kg
Dimensions: 5,60 × 9,80 × 11,00 cm

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