MF battery Poweroad YTX4L-BS

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MF Battery Poweroad maintenance-free with acid pack YTX4L-BS

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MF Battery Poweroad maintenance free with acid pack YTX4L-BS

Poweroad MF battery maintenance free YTX4L BS-3 AH with acid pack is brand new and boxed. With a Poweroad motorcycle battery we offer a high quality product. Whether as a gel, MF wartungsfreie- or acid battery fulfill our batteries highest POTENTIALS and put in price and performance, the logical alternative to the expensive original part represents. Poweroad powersports batteries are produced according to the latest state of the art of one of the leading battery manufacturers and subject to the strictest quality control in production.

Poweroad MF batteries (MF = Maintenance Free = no maintenance) are absolutely maintenance-free, leak-proof and protected against vibration.

All Poweroad-MF batteries are based on the proven AGM technology
(AGM = Absorbed Glass Mat). That said, there are glass fiber mats inserted between the lead plates and tie the filled acid. This ensures an optimum flow of electrons, dampens vibration and provides additional leakage protection.

Technical data of MF battery YTX4L-BS with acid pack:

MF maintenance free battery YTX4L-BS with acid pack by the manufacturer Poweroad
Design: Maintenance-free, dry charged and maintenance-free after filling
Voltage: 12 V
Capacity: 3 AH
Charge Current: 0.3 Amp.
CCA: CCA 45 / CCA / -18 degrees
Dimensions in mm: 114 mm wide x 70 mm deep x 85 mm high
Weight ready for use with acid: 1.5kg
Acid pack included: yes
Acid volume: 0.18 liters
Connector Type: from the front and from above
Positive: Right Front
Negative: Left Front
Manufacturer: Poweroad

Battery acid causes severe burns.
Keep the product out of the reach of children.

Identical to the name of other battery manufacturers:
Yuasa Manufacturer number YTX4L-BS
JM Manufacturer number YTX4L-BS
JMT Manufacturer number YTX4L-BS
Varta Manufacturer number 50314LF
FB Manufacturer number FTX4L-BS
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Exide Manufacturer number ETX-4L BS
Intact manufacturer number YTX4L-BS
Nitro Manufacturer number YTX4L-BS
Shin Yo Manufacturer number CTX4L-BS
Panther Manufacturer number YTX4L-BS

Shipping weight: 1,80 Kg
Product weight: 1,60 Kg
Dimensions: 7,00 × 11,40 × 8,50 cm